Toi was born and raised in San Diego, California. If you hear the sound of her voice, you'd swear she was from the south. Nevertheless, she's just a plain ole' city girl who doesn't accept the word NO in her vocabulary. Toi has been writing professionally since 1993. She has interviewed and authored stories on doctors, judges, Chief of police, businessmen, politicians and more. Dubbed as a Celebrity Author because of her work with several well-known celebrities, entertainers, and VIP's such as: Oprah Winfrey, musical legends Earth, Wind & Fire, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, Boxer Laila Ali, singer James Ingram, actress Vivica A. Fox, Judge Mablean, Lawyer Johnnie Cochran, Boxer Sugar Shane Mosely, Radio personality Shirley Strawberry, own song writer Lamont (Holland, Dozier, Holland) Dozier, Nasa Officials, Former Los Angeles Chief of Police Bernard Parks, Fubu's John Daymond, Founder of Operation Hope John "Hope" Bryant, Jazz Saxophonist Boney James, and singer Jaheim to name a small few. She is a nationally syndicated author of newspapers and magazines such as Billboard and Upscale and has over 350 bylines to her name. Toi has published eleven books, and several screenplays, television shows, and reality stories. She has also worn the hat of publisher, by publishing her own magazine titled "Mini Romances," and novels for others. Her experience, faith and hard work make her an experienced and well-rounded writer.

Toi is currently a flight attendant, where she has been flying over the wide blue skies for three years. She also has her own pie company called;, where she makes tasty: sweet potato, peach and apple cobbler pies, which have been endorsed by Earth, Wind & Fire lead singer Philip Bailey and singer/songwriter Howard Hewitt.

Toi has been a wife for almost 35 years and the mother of two sons'. Her husband, Greg, is a professional musician who has worked with the likes of: Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, and Patti LaBelle to name a few. His guitar sounds can also be heard on several recordings and television shows. He is currently the guitarist for Earth, Wind and Fire. Her oldest son, Ke Moe, is a professional DJ & record producer; Her youngest son, Amon, is a black belt in karate, college student studying Anime Animation, speaks Japanese, and works full time. Her entire family is in the entertainment area and on a positive path in life.

Toi's interest in writing started at a very young age when she began writing poetry. Although, her genuine interest occurred after hearing the words of famed romance writer Judith Kranz, who spoke of how anyone could write if they just put their mind to what they are doing. However, after reading Terry McMillan's book, 'Waiting to Exhale,' Toi was inspired to write with an added ethic cultural and sassy style. In 1993, Toi's first published article, Mean Moms, was published in a local newspaper. This story depicted how Toi felt as a child, believing her mother was mean for no reason, until she had children of her own and realized her mother's efforts of being mean was only for her protection and make her a responsible adult.

Currently, Toi is excited about her twelfth book, Adult Conversations, According to God’s word, which will be released during the spring of 2019. This book addresses sex and relationship questions and answers from a BIBLICAL and CHRISTIAN viewpoint. Pastors from the; Church of God in Christ, Baptist, and Christian faith-based foundations are giving you real, raw and unbiased opinions according to God’s word.

During the Spring of 2015, Toi released Richard Street; My Life as a Temptation. This book details Richard’s experience being a member of Motown Records legendary group, the Temptations. He talks about how he was a part of the group before Motown founder, Berry Gordy, signed up the group after auditioning them in the men’s restroom at Detroit’s Fox Theater. He also goes into detail of how he was treated in the group, including many unpleasant behind-the-scenes situations the group encountered while being a member, and his love affair with Diana Ross, lead singer of Motown’s legendary group, the Supremes. This is a book that will surely peak the interest of those who are not only music lovers, but lovers who have an interest in Motown Records.

In 2013 and 2014, Toi released two volumes of her book, Adult Conversations. These books are based on questions asked by Toi on social media sites. The questions allowed readers to become actively involved in conversations that involve sex and relationships. These fun, yet sometimes controversial issues stir up emotions that are sensitive, happy, painful, but always real. Conversations expressed by real people, discusses relationship subject matters that are real and offer suggestive ways to solve problems, or just plain ole ways of having fun while discussing issues with other adults.

During the summer of 2011, Toi released and is promoting her latest book, How To Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets!, which is expected to be her BEST SELLER yet. Also during that same year, Toi completed an inspirational book, The Calling, with James Cannon, the father of comedian, actor, and entertainer Nick Cannon and Cannon Publication.

In 2010 Toi released a novel, Not Quite Good Enough, which was like no other she's ever written, being an erotic/comedy. The sexy hot cover, along with the juicy contents of this book has turned heads, raised eyebrows, and has become one of her biggest sellers. During the winter of 2005, she released, Unbreakable, and Understanding to Marriage and Relationships. This book was written with her husband, Gregory Moore. Unbreakable has been endorsed by celebrities: Omar Tyree, New York Times' Bestselling author, Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson, founding members of the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire. Robert Lamm and Jimmy Pankow, founding members of the jazz-rock group Chicago to name a few. These celebrities believe that it takes hard work, dedication and love in order to make a relationship lasting and filled with love. Her book Mind Games, the sequel to her first novel Momma, Please Forgive Me! is a mystery thriller, while Momma, Please Forgive Me! is a fictional novel that strongly addresses domestic violence. Both books have gained the author rave reviews. These books have been endorsed by celebrities such as; actress Vivica A. Fox, entertainers James Ingram and Patrice Rushen, and former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Bernard Parks to name a few.

After many request, Toi has added publishing to her extended title for others. With TM Publications, Toi offers a variety of package plans for others to have their books published. For more information visit; Toi is also the owner of Moore Sweet Pies, a company that makes homemade Peach and Apple Cobblers and Sweet Potato Pies that taste like grandma made them. Her pies have been endorsed by celebrities such as Philip Bailey (original member and lead singer of Earth, Wind & Fire) and singer Howard Hewett to name a few. Her personally made pies are shipped throughout the United States. For more information contact:

Toi's books can be purchased on her web site: and are also available for download on In addition to her grueling schedule, the author also finds time to travel, enjoy her pets, and enjoy each day of her life as if it were her last.

Today, Toi continues her passion in writing, while realizing and accepting her gift from God. She understands that discovering your gift or talents are precious, therefore, grab on to them and hold tight until you've made your way to the top. Her life motto is The Sky Is Your ONLY Limit! The love and support from family and friends is what continues to motivate her in her continued journey, while never accepting no for an answer.

Personally autographed copies of Toi's books can be purchased on her web site: Her books are also available for download on and In addition to her grueling schedule, the author also finds time to travel, enjoy her pets, and enjoy each day of her life as if it were her last.

Toi is available for speaking engagements. Contact her: for more information or call 951-231-1633.


The Commissioner
(A dramatic weekly television show)
A non-fiction television drama: investigating the hearts and minds of "life prisoners" as they appear before the California Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) for parole consideration and exploring the struggles of the Commissioner assigned to determine their fate. The Commissioner, Michele, determines if terms already served are sufficient enough, or if more time is needed to allow prisoners their freedom.

Happy Endings
(A dramatic weekly television show)
Is a weekly television show that brings people closer together for a worthy cause. Happy Endings reflects on the lives of those who have been through a tragic or devastating situation, such as: the loss of a loved one, home, or job that had special circumstances and helps rebuild life’s and situations.

Pressure Cooker
(A dramatic talk show)
Pressure Cooker is a dramatic talk show that addresses topics that are difficult to discuss, such as Death, Murder, Depression, Personality Disorders and more. This show will allow guess share their story and offer ways from professionals that will help them solve or comfort their situations that will allow them to move forward in their life’s.

(Soap Opera)
A weekly soap opera filled with sex, lust, drama, comedy, deception, and more. Ebony Hills is the place where everyone knows everyone's business and loves to tell it all. Dubbed as the majority Black version of “Scandal” or “Desperate Housewives,” Ebony Hills features four major African-American families and takes place in an upscale community where only the rich can afford. However, some of the families live down the hill from the rich, and envy their every move, while trying to move on up to the life of luxury. This late night soap‑opera will keep viewers coming back for more while being hooked on the constant drama. When every body's business becomes your business, you’re in Ebony Hills!

(Comedy Sitcom)
A weekly comedy sitcom takes place in a diner, Nana’s Place, where old and new school celebrities visit weekly. The new school celebrities will irritate Nana, a 60 something year old Southern cooking diner owner. However, the old school celebrities will inspire Nana, because she’s set in her old school ways. Nana thinks no one can compare to the music, television shows, and acting abilities of old school entertainment, so why try. Each week audiences will tune in to see who Nana and her pals will make fun of at Nana’s Place while eventually learning the value each celebrity has to offer.

(Erotic/Comedy Movie and Book)
A weekly comedy sitcom where comedy has never been this sizzling HOT until NOW! Not Quite Good Enough brings comedy to a whole new level by combining five women and one gay man together for fun, laughter, and SEX! When the ladies can’t find the love of their lives by thinking they are Not Quite Good Enough, or the men they meet are Not Quite Good Enough for them to settle down with, all hell breaks loose, especially when the gay man of the story has the pick of his litter when it comes to love. See how this gay man demonstrates what the ladies need to do, or what not to do, in order to find and keep a good man. The African-American cast is raw and to the point on knowing what they want, while getting what they need in order to settle down, even when finding true love in Not Quite Good Enough.

(Reality Show)
This reality show will display how a successful musical group, or individual, and their crew travels from a behind the scenes approach. The show will feature segments that reflect; sleeping in cramped quarters, lack-of-sleeping habits and arrangements, finding time to eat, dressing procedures, rehearsing schedules, instrument sound checks, meeting and greeting fans, and the long days and nights of preparing for a concert while being ON TOUR. ON TOUR will demonstrate what REALLY happens within the day-to-day travels of what it takes to make the show go on! The final segment will include a full concert with the group, heartfelt reactions and interviews of why their fans love them so much!

(Dramatic Movie)
Conflict, deception, hope, laughter, and love are the major ingredients that capture two hearts in Flight 143 To Paris. This romantic comedy begins with a rocky start on the busy streets of New York City. The story escalates into a disaster when a beautiful woman gives an innocently handsome man a piece of her mind while sitting together on a 14 hour flight bound for Paris. Throughout the story there are many thrills, chills and laughs as this couple find love in each other while working hard to avoid the enviable. The story ends in passion, with a hot and juicy love scene in a bed filled with several eatable delights to fill the night with great intensity.

(Dramatic Movie and Book)
Depicts how an African-American woman was in an abusive relationship with her husband survives the odds. This dynamic story details how a woman committed murder in order to protect herself and her children. It describes how her actions caused more pain than solutions. It also sheds a light on how domestic violence is considered as a silent killer and why it should be stopped!

(Dramatic Movie and Book)
After constantly abusing his wife and son, La Vonne Brown kills her husband. Then she spends 10 years behind bars, only to be released and discover that her husband is not dead at all, or is he, she wonders. This mystery thriller will have viewers glued to every move while trying to figure out if Jonathan is actually dead or alive of if Mind Games are being played on La Vonne. The ending of the story takes viewers by TOTAL SURPRISE with an UNEXPECTED TWIST!



2019 TM Publications - Adult Conversations: According to God's Word (Fictional Relationship book/Self Help)
2017 TM Publications - Dear Diary (A fictional love story)
2015 TM Publications - Richard Street; My Life as a Temptation (Biography)
2014 TM Publications – Adult Conversations, Vol 2 (Interactive/Relationship)
2013 TM Publications - ADULT CONVERSATIONS - Volume Two - The NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION of the BIRDS AND THE BEES when it comes to SEX! (Non-Fictional Relationship Book)
2012 TM Publications - ADULT CONVERSATIONS - Volume One - The NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION of the BIRDS AND THE BEES when it comes to SEX! (Non-Fictional Relationship Book)
2011 TM Publications - How to Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets! (Self Help Book)
2010 TM Publications - Not Quite Good Enough (Fictional Erotic/Comedy)
2005 TM Publications - Unbreakable, A Guide to Understanding Marriage and Relationships
(Non-Fictional Relationship Novel)
2003 TM Publications - Mind Games (Fictional Mystery Novel)
2003 TM Publications - How to Self Publish Your Novel on a Shoestring Budget In 10 Easy Steps (Self Help Booklet)
2001 TM Publications - Momma, Please Forgive Me! (Fictional Domestic Violence Novel)


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