How To Get Bill Collectors Off Your ASSets


Celebrity author Toi Moore is back with another blockbuster book in, How To Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets! As an ongoing writer for several national magazines such as Billboard and Upscale, this writer has also published five books, four screenplays, three television shows, numerous short stories, and has over 350 bylines in several national newspapers.

Toi will show you how YOU can Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets! This fun and humorous book will share secrets, ideas, and tricks that will give you several strategies to survive difficult times. Several of these tactics have been used or recommended by approximately 100 randomly surveyed individuals who revealed some very real, interesting, and inspiring tales of how they got through some very difficult financial times and SURVIVED!

While reading, How To Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets!, you will learn things such as: How to start your survival plan, How to buy time in paying your utility bills, How to NOT pay your utility bills for up to 60 days, How to deal with insurance companies, How to deal with harassing credit card bill collection agencies, How to STOP creditors from calling WITHOUT changing your telephone phone number, How to deal with overdue mortgage and rentals, How to get a mortgage loan modification for FREE, How to eliminate All your debts PERMANENTLY, and How to start over and get back your GOOD CREDIT! You will also find valuable websites to help you Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets and the tools needed to get you into full gear!

Some of the stories will make you laugh, while others will make you cry, especially if you or someone you know is/was in any of these situations. After reading the book, we're sure you'll be entertained with new ideas, recommendations, and ways, you can use or share with others on how to survive during difficult times. So, sit back, relax, and let the stories begin with How To Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets!

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I decided to write this book because I was frustrated with how my family had been treated over the years when we really needed understanding in resolving delinquent concerns with our bills from the financial institutions, credit card companies, and other bill collectors, such as utility companies. I learned that they don't give a DAMN about ME, MY FAMILY, how we feel, what we're going through, or how we're going to get ourselves out of OUR financial mess. The ONLY thing they care about is WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PAY US?

When tough times knocked at our door, I was constantly reminded about how bad I felt while dealing with financial situations and financial institutions. I was also reminded about how our family was treated during our times of need, when all we wanted was understanding and compassion while dealing with hard times. I found myself AGAIN being reminded about how the many financial corporations' only concern is for themselves, and not the client they worked so hard to get! I realized they don't care about your family's negative financial situation, but ONLY about getting their money!

To make matters worse, normally their take is; 'Go ask your Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Relatives, or the family dog, if you have to, just as long as you get us our money!' Wowwwww, EVERY time I would hear that, it would blow me away, especially when our family's greatest desire was to pay our bills. Our problem was our finances changed. To top matters off, those who could have helped us financially were in the same boat as we were; therefore, again we were stuck with not being able to pay our bills as promised and being constantly harassed by bill collectors!

One thing that really blew me away was when a friend told me how her cell phone company was so insensitive when she told them she recently lost her husband. She told them that she needed to disconnect his phone service because he had passed away. She said they were soooo cold to her and told her she still had to pay his monthly cell phone bill or the $250.00 penalty, to disconnect the service because he hadn't fulfilled his contact! 'Helloooo people?' Of course I couldn't believe what I was hearing and said, 'They said he hadn't FULFILLED his contact? The man is DEAD! He's not JUST trying to get out of paying his cell phone bill! Are you serious? How CRAZY IS THAT?' She shook her head in disbelief as she was again harshly reminded that life doesn't always go in your favor, nor do bill collectors care about your situation.

Another lady told me a story about how badly she felt about being unable to pay her bills because she lost her job and her husband had recently passed away. This left her and her kids with a pile of bills and no money to pay them. She said she'll never forget a certain call from a bill collector during a time when she was at her lowest. She explained to the bill collector why she couldn't pay her bill. The collector seemed sympathetic and nicely asked; 'Do you still have your wedding ring, any jewelry, nice china, or other valuable items you may have gotten when you got married?' Thinking the bill collector felt sorry for her, the lady answered honestly, 'Yes, I do still have my ring, several other pieces of nice jewelry he gave to me, and several pieces of china that we got from our wedding.' The bill collector rudely said, 'Well, pawn all your jewelry and any other items of value you have so you can pay us!' The lady said she was amazed by the insensitive tone of the bill collector. At that point, she said she knew for SURE that the only thing bill collectors are interested in is making sure they get their money.

Other survey respondents noted that bill collectors have asked them to: Take out second loans on their mortgages, sell their homes, consolidate their bills, turn off luxuries such as cable, cut back on groceries and/or utilities, get second or third jobs, sell furniture or other items of value such as cars, boats or other recreational vehicles in order to pay their debts. Some collectors were noted as using vicious threats such as: garnishment of wages, repossessing cars, foreclosing your home, press criminal charges, disclosing personal debt information to employers, spouses, or relatives, threats of charging them with outrageous legal fees, place liens on a person's home, or call at all hours of the day and night just to make them feel guilty to pay their bills.

Other survey respondents stated that bill collectors called them inappropriate names such as; loser, deadbeat, failure, or criminal. Others shared that bill collectors have made hurtful statements to them such as; 'You don't need to have any more children, you can't afford the ones you have.' Or, 'Why are you taking your kids to the amusement park when you can't afford to pay the bills you already have.' Or 'I don't care that you got sick and lost your job, we still need our money!' Or 'You need to sell your car and walk to work, maybe you can lose some weight.' Or, the grand one of all noted that a bill collector once told him; 'If you don't pay your bill, I'm gonna blow up your M*t*&$ F*&k$%'. House!' Wowwwww!

The reality is that you're just an account number to a bill collector. All they want is to get money out of you at any cost! This is the VERY reason why YOU have to protect your family the best way possible by learning How to Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets!

In 1977, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act enacted methods to protect consumers from abusive debt collectors. It ruled that brutal insults and threats aren't suppose to happen and can be a violation of the law if consumers encounter harassment repeatedly and should be reported to the State Attorney General.

Therefore, writing this book offers help and/or suggestions that may assist you and your family while surviving during difficult times. Some of these solutions helped me and my family. They are only ideas to think about while surviving hard times. Some of these examples I've tried, several have come from those surveyed. Others I've either heard, read, or don't remember where they came from. What I do know is that they are only meant for humor and to enlighten your thoughts during financial hard times, while possibly helping you survive a little longer, or hang in there until things get better.

One of the most important steps I have learned about how to get bill collectors off MY ass is by staying up with what bills are due, when they're due, and how low of an amount I can pay the company until I can get enough money to pay off the full balance of the bill, or at lease keep up with the minimum balance due. Bottom line, WE ALL HAVE TO PAY OUR BILLS. TOTALLY IGNORING BILL COLLECTORS WILL ONLY GET YOU INTO MORE TROUBLE! Keep in mind that you don't always have to pay the bill collectors WHEN they tell you to pay them, or as MUCH money as they say you have pay, because you have the opportunity to NEGOITATE.

If you're REALLY LUCKY, you may be able to get OUT of paying some of your bills altogether! Think of it like this, if you HAD the money to pay all your bills on time and the full amounts due, you wouldn't be reading this book now, now would you? I'm just saying!

I've used soooo many of these suggestions, I mean, I've HEARD about many of these suggestions. Some of these ideas have worked soooo well and I have had to use them soooo often that I feel like I have a PhD. in How to Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets! :) So, sit back relax, learn, and/or laugh while Dr. Toi helps you learn How To Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets! More than anything be entertained!

Humor Me, Humor You!

This chapter is called Humor Me, Humor You! because I am sharing a few ideas that I heard worked back in the day. These ideas are also some I've personally used, and some I hear may STILL work on How to Get Bill Collectors OFF Your ASSets!

"One of the strange things about life is that the poor, who need money the most, are the very ones that never have it." - Finley Peter Dunne

Department Store Gift Cards. In the past, if someone bought you a Department Store Gift Card for your birthday, anniversary, or just because, you would gladly accept it because you were excited about spending someone else's money. However, once you got into the store you either didn't see anything you liked, the prices were too high, you didn't want to spend so much money on something you kinda liked, or you just plain didn't like the store and chose to not patronize the establishment. Suddenly, your excitement would quickly become depression.

However, your joy and excitement would return once you realized you could take the gift card to the customer service counter and get the CASH VALUE! You now had a big smile on your face as you understood the TRUE value in this gift card by knowing that you could spend the newly acquired cash wherever you wanted, and buy whatever you wanted to buy, with NO RESTRICTIONS! Your thoughts would quickly shift to those of, 'Oh happy day!' and the joy would suddenly return! This process made getting gift cards the best gift ever, because they allowed people to do with them as they WANTED and not as they HAD to.

Another great, Has Been Joy, of the Department Store Gift Card joy I heard about was when you were really low on money; you could take your store credit card to the customer service counter and buy a gift card. Depending on what your credit card limit was, you could get large amounts of gift cards to use however you wanted. Once you bought the gift card you would go to any of the store departments and purchase anything you liked. However, you had to remember not to purchase anything that was on sale because the process wouldn't work for your action plan.

After purchasing an item at the regular price, you then had several options: 1) Take the item(s) out of the store, 2) Go to a different cashier, 3) Wait until a different cashier was at the cash register, or 4)Take the item(s) home and return on another day. When you returned to the store you would tell the cashier that the item(s) you bought was not what you wanted, didn't fit correctly, or you changed your mind. The cashier would gladly take the item(s) back and return them to the proper department and give you back CASH! This would allow you to take the CASH and purchase what you wanted to purchase such as; food, gas, lunch money for the kids, or pay bills. This wasn't too much of a problem, and I don't think it was illegal, because you were charging up your own credit card(s) and paying back the unpaid balance and interest charged to your credit card each month, or until you could pay off your balance. Therefore, as long as you could juggle your credit cards and keep up on your monthly minimum balance, you were definitely getting bill collectors off your ASSets!

WHAT I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE: We had friends who used to make a habit out of using their credit cards in order to take care of their family, until their credit cards reached their maximum limit. Once that happened, they would go to yard sales and buy cheaply, so they could in turn give a yard sale and sell higher to reap the profits and hopefully pay their bills or get food for their family. It was just a means to an end for survival.

We tried those same methods a few times. However, our credit cards didn't have high limits, so we couldn't take advantage of this method very well. Although, to fix that problem, we would apply for extra credit cards just so we could survive when times were tight and charge against them. Despite the fact, that didn't work too well either. Since our credit scores were low and our usage was high on the cards we had, several stores wouldn't grant us credit. Therefore, the low limit cards we did have didn't allow our cash advance moments to work very well.

Nowadays this credit card process doesn't work because store receipts are clever and computer systems have advanced. Today, if you return something bought on a gift card your receipt will show that you used a gift card. Then, when you try to make a return, the store will give you another gift card for your return instead of CASH. Oh well, it worked for awhile.


Cheryl Hayes: Well I wanna start by saying I absolutely loveddddddddd it, it was funny full of wit, gave me a few flash backs to stuff I heard about growing up. And the best part was, "listen some of this works cause i tried it"! It happens to the best of us. However, some folks have made it a career to rip off the Government, while others honestly need help. Your disclaimer was a killer also, I aint tell you to do this, but...... Love IT!

Jina Love: Hey Toi ...... so far the book is great it helping me alot ...... u already know 5 stars from me

Shewanda Harley: I loved it.....short and to the point...your use of unconventional ways to get out of debt. I loved it and I look forward to reading more from you.... Keep writing..... Shewanda

Kenneth J Little: All I can say is you know how to survive during hard times. Great tips on how to get your act together.

Sharon Jackson: Hello Toi, I just finished reading your book how to get bill collectors off your Assests it was very informative. I have tried some of the things in your book and they really work. thanks for all the valuable information on where to get additional help from websites that you provided. This is a must read for all!!! thumbs up talk with you soon.

Shewanda Harley: I loved it .....short and to the point .... your use of unconventional ways to get out of debt. I loved it and I look forward to reading more from you... Keep writing...

Gary Fields: I love your work...please keep the inspiration up! Looking forward to all of your postings...your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS


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