Dear Diary



Celebrity author Toi Moore is back with another amazing novel, Dear Diary As an ongoing writer for several national magazines such as Billboard and Upscale, this writer has also published ten books, four screenplays, three television shows, numerous short stories, and has over 350 bylines in several national newspapers.

Dear Diary is an erotic-romance story filled with sex, sex and more steamy-hot sex!!!

Hot, erotic and sometimes nasty is where Dear Diary ventures to. A book filled with many acts of sex, lust and love. A middle aged woman, Tracey, steps outside of her safe place and ventures outside of her box by doing the unexpected act of all, breaking her sacred marriage vows. Outsiders assumed she was a happily married woman, however, during Tracey's mischievousness, she sleeps with a number of different men; was she considered a whore or a mature woman who happened to get her groove back? Perhaps she's an unhappy woman who at last tapped into her sexuality with everyone, except her husband Joel. There are always three sides to a story; hers, their's, and the truth! Who's side will you take?

Throughout her nineteen years of marriage, Tracey was the victim of mental abuse from Joel. She tolerated his infidelities with women and the occasional male encounter, yet she was fearful of leaving to regain her peace of mind and acted as if everything was fine. After fifteen years of faithfulness, Tracey mentally divorced Joel and decided to live the single life by seeking love with other men and women. Sharing her newfound double lifestyle was only shared with her diary. She couldn't afford to lose her squeaky clean image or have outsiders judge her inappropriate behavior. Therefore, she spoke to it as if it was her best and only friend, Dear Diary, was how she began.

Tracey was conflicted when she thought about her title; was she considered a whore or a mature woman who happened to get her groove back? Perhaps she was an unhappy woman who had, at long last, tapped into her sexuality with men and women outside of her marriage.

Take the journey with this wife, mother, and child who was the product of a bitter and envious parent, as well as suffering mental and emotional abuse by her husband. See how Tracey guides you into a world of revenge by living a double life as she seeks to find inner-peace through her sexuality.


The First Time!

Time passed and Tracey and Alex began working together more often and their friendship, trust, and attraction toward each other began to grow. Tracey realized that she began confiding in him increasingly on a personal level. He and Tracey had a lot in common. When she's with him, he constantly makes her laugh and feel at ease. His calm demeanor makes it easy for her to be in his company. These are all of the things she doesn't get at home from Alex, or from her mother.

One night, Tracey reached out to Alex because she was feeling especially depressed and lonely. Joel was out of town and she felt as if she needed an escape. She needed a friend. She needed Alex. Soon, she would find out that Alex was her escape.

Dear Dairy: Tonight I went out to meet with Alex. I picked him up in my car and we drove to a romantic location high in the hills where we could view the city lights. We sat in the car talking and laughing. He made me forget my troubles. He made me forget who I was, what I had been taught, and what others would think of me if they found out. Alex allowed me to be someone I had never been before, he allowed me to be me and feel good about being me. With the night-lights so far away, our location was dark, lonely, and quiet. At that moment there was no one else in the world but us!

Then, when I began to cry he held me in his arms and gently kissed away my tears, then he kissed me on my lips. I kissed him back and felt all my sorrows melt away. It was the first time in years that I felt alive and wanted to make love to another man other than my husband. My sexual desires had resurfaced. I thought they ceased to exist after living with Joel. The temperature of my body rose as we kissed, and I began to feel the moistness increase between my legs. The more we kissed, the hotter I became. He guided me to the backseat of my car. He laid me down and placed his body on top of mine, allowing me to feel the hardness of the bulge in his pants as he rubbed against my body. He began to caress my breasts with his strong hands. As I laid on my back, he undressed me slowly. Soon I was topless. He took my breasts in his hands and placed each of them, one at a time, in his warm and juicy mouth. He gently tasted my breast as if they were melons of fresh fruit that were melting in his mouth. The more he tasted, the more I moaned with ecstasy. Slowly, he pulled my pants down and placed them out of the way as he caressed the most intimate part of my body with the tips of his fingers. As I laid there feeling nothing but excitement, his head left my lips and went down south, where he tasted the natural honey that was flowing between my legs.

The more he tasted the most precious juices of my body, the more I wanted him to continue. My hormones went from zero to one-hundred in no time flat with my heightened emotions of passion during each mile of the climb. His head came from between my legs and up to my lips, allowing me to taste my honey he had in his mouth. As we kissed, he slowly stepped out of his clothes, bearing only his birthday suit. He placed his hardened manhood between my legs and trusted it up and down my clit so that it would lubercate his shaft from my wetness. Then he gently placed it inside of my body and with tremendous power he made me shake with unbridled passion. The more he stroked his chocolate rod between my legs, the more my body wanted the force of his stroke. The movement became more intense as the waves of his motion went faster and faster, with mine responding in sync with his. Together we became one as our bodies locked intimately. Soon after, our passion rose to a crescendo that caused us to explode with excitement. I have never felt so sexually satisfied in my entire life. I felt like a high school teenager who was just learning about the birds and the bees. However, during that moment I realized I was no longer a little girl, or teenager, but a grown and mature woman who had come into her own. It was kinda like the movie, 'How Stella Got her Groove back!' Well, I had definitely gotten mine back, and it was a groove I didn't realize I had. I didn't want this feeling to leave. I discovered a new "ME". I was entering the new year with a bang of my own! A bang that was mesmerizing. Goodnight Diary.

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