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Not Quite Good Enough

Due to the sexual contents in this book, it is NOT recommended that anyone with sexual hang-ups read the material, as it may be offensive. If this is YOU, put the book down NOW and walk away! :) If it's NOT YOU, what are you waiting for, get to reading, you're missing out on the fun! LOL :) Enjoy your read as much as I enjoyed creating a fun and sexual story!

Since her last book release, celebrity author Toi Moore is back with yet another unforgettable and mind blowing novel in Not Quite Good Enough. However, with this release, she emerges as her alter ego, "T' LaJune" in this steamy hot, mind blowing, erotic, comedy story. For those long time fans who have craved the reappearance of T' LaJune, she's back with a triple bang; SEX, DISASTER, and LAUGHTER! In Not Quite Good Enough is where EROTICA MEETS COMEDY WITH A BANGGGG!

ZANE inspired author, TOI MOORE, has created a novel totally different from her previous titles, yet another page turner filled with excitement. In Not Quite Good Enough, Toi reached deep into a completely raw and erotic side of her creative talents when she penned this book, leaving readers in a happy, yet sensuous place. She also explores deep into her humorous and sexual imagination when creating this storyline; going totally out of the box from her previous novels. A must read for those looking to be taken away with uncontrollable laughter and pure downright sexual excitement.

Not Quite Good Enough is a no-holds-barr, erotic comedy story that's both hot and sexy. This shocking and provocative story is so real and in your face with raw honesty, you'll be totally consumed and blown away with every page. You will more than likely know one or more of the characters from your own personal experiences, making it hard to put the book down.

Not Quite Good Enough displays the lives of five African-American women, Tammy, Cindy, Sophia, Vicki and Mae May, with risque appearances of Marque', an African-American gay man whose flamboyant characteristics will have you doubled over with laughter. In each scenario, the five women believe they're Not Quite Good Enough to catch a good man, or that any of the men who cross their daily paths are Not Quite Good Enough to land them. While Marque' on the other hand has as many men as his heart desires; keeping the women puzzled and humored while he instructs them to do as he says AND as he does, in order for them to get a good man.

Not Quite Good Enough will take you on a roller coaster ride of sexual pleasures and disappointments while laughing yourself silly. While reading Not Quite Good Enough, many will be in search for a special someone, a sexual partner, or a battery operated sex toy to satisfy the sexual needs you will arouse. A must read for MATURE MINDS who can enjoy sexual pleasure, temptations, and laughter. A page turner that will keep a smile on your face and feelings of desire in your soul.


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Renee Keeble
"I found myself eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Gay doesn't always mean happy."

M.S. Bratton
"I didn't know whether to cover my eyes or blush with school girl embarrassment when I started reading Not Quite Good Enough. Then I couldn't stop turning each heat filed page."

Charlene Tisdale
"A story that will have you laughing hard and at the same time, wanting to jump inside the book to shake the character. I couldn't put the book down."

Margarita Sweet
"Not Quite Good Enough, the ascent and descent of relationships and self-esteem told through the stories of characters who will make you laugh, frown & cry and when it's all over restore your belief in the power of love."

What the READERS are saying about NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH

Dec 17, 2010
Toi, I finished "Not Quite Good Enough Was The Bomb" The ending was the most exciting part although Tammy was a B at the beginning she proved her friendship at the end. Joyce D.

December 16, 2010
"I have read 3 of your books Toi and enjoyed each one I would read and not want to put it down. Job well done Sis keep them coming." Cheryl B.

Dec 20, 2010
Toi, Your book Not Quite Good Enough was hilarious but it had some good points because as you read it, I could relate to each character, because I could relate to at least having someone I knew that actually acted in that matter I could not put the book down and Tammy she was a riot but at the end she was not dumb at all. Joyce.

December 26, 2010
How to Self Publish on a Shoestring Budget is an informative book. Good information. Now I'll have to purchase the others. ;) Jeané B.

January 01, 2011
On the book, Unbreakable, A Guide to Understanding Marriage and Relationships. "Just finished reading your book.. Thank you and Greg for sharing your heart. I admire your courage. Great Story!! Keep adding the years!! blessings" Rj J.

January 02, 2011
Smooooooooookin Girl! Folks need to get out there and check it out! "Not Quite Good Enough!" Hey everyone start your New Year out with Toi Moors book it's a great read. Just hit her up on FB and she will guide you from there. Bridgette H.

January 05, 2011
"Toi I enjoyed your book NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH... It was entertaining and enjoyable. It touched home in some areas...{{LOL}}"Glo T.

January 4, 2011
On Unbreakable, A Guide to Understanding Marriage and Relationships. "I could really relate to this book when I read it. Its very real and would make a great gift for any couple. The way it was written with both his opinion and her opinion make it suitable for Men and Women." Kathy D.

February 19, 2011
I enjoyed your book, Toi. Lots of giggles and laughter! You have a new "approach" but the underlying message is the same. I hope that your young readers will read beyond the graphics and get your true message. As you say, a good partner is your best friend. A reader from across the Pacific (Japan). The message is universal!! Best wishes, Naoko K.

February 22, 2011
Hi Toi, finished your first book, Momma, Please Forgive Me, and loved it. Thank u so much. Looking forward to reading them all. Keep your dream alive my sista!Brenda W.

October 13, 2010
"Hi Toi, I really enjoyed reading your book "Not Quite Good Enough". I could not stop laughing. This book is really nice!" Michelle C

October 12, 2010
"Your book had me cracking up! I just could not believe that you could think out of the box like this. Lol You go girl!! Looking for part 2." Fredia M

October 11, 2010
"I haven't finished reading, about half way but I am loving it. I can relate to so many of the characters because of people I have met. I will refer it to my friends that are part of book clubs and my next party on the 23rd. Can I get Sweets number :-)" Joyce W

October 5, 2010
"Hi Toi! I received my book yesterday. I started reading it that evening and I was cracking up at the first page! This is going to be good! Thanks!!!! :)" Christine P

October 01, 2010
"Toi girlfriend, all I can say is my, my, my, LOL. Fredia M.

September 27, 2010
"Hey Toi, or shall I say: 'T'LaJune' GIIIRRRRLLLL, the book is HOT, Im almost mad that I finished reading it. This book was definately "Good Enough" to make me miss my girlz, Mae Mae & 'nem! LOL!!! Definately a captivating read!!! A page turner, and if you are not careful it'll make ya hot.... buzzzzzzz lol! I can't wait til your next "Body" of work! Love, Miss Andrea "WarmSpirit" M.

September 12, 2010
"Not Quite Good Enough' is funny and entertaining, I loved it." Monica N.

August 25, 2010
Hey Toi, Im glad you asked. I have begun reading it, and by page two, I was hooked. I am thinking of it every free second! I will keep you posted on my progress! GREAT Work! Andrea M.

August 23, 2010
"Great book I am almost finished ! Love the characters If I could stop laughing out loud I could get to the end , I feel like I am at the hair salon with them LOL" Pam Edwards

August 23, 2010
"Hi Toi, been slow about catching up. Thanking you again for "NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH" You gotta know I reread the book and laughed just as hard the second time. LOVE IT!! Thanks!" Deb K. Mason

August 21, 2010
"I started reading "Not Quite Good Enough" and I can tell you that I have never been one to really find books that can keep my attention enough to finish the read, but this book CAPTURED me from the first word and the first line. Excitement! Words of ACTION! Very powerful writing Toi! You give the reader a visual of the story so much that it becomes REALITY. AWESOME work!" Lillia D.

August 12, 2010
"Toi I read the whole book on my way to Atlanta!! People on the plane kept looking at me because I kept laughing. I really enjoyed this book and I loved the twist!!! Congratulation on another successful book!" Robin L.

Aug 10, 2010
"Hey, Toi! I finished reading your book over the weekend---hey, hey, hey!!! It was FABULOUSSSS!!! Your imagination is out of this world! Keep on writing. Can't wait for the next one! ; )" Tanisha : )

August 9, 2010
Toi, you are handling your business, many blessings upon you, sista. Angela

August 6, 2010
"I just needed you to know that you are such an inspiration to me :-)! Your schedule is always full and I LOVE IT!! Right now I'm a baby Literary Diva, but one day I'll be Queen Literary Diva like you :)" Lorna

August 4, 2010
"Toi, Congratulations on another release. I thought Not Quite Good Enough was quite stimulating! Best wishes and keep going strong! Love, Debbie"

First TEN Chapters:

1.) Super Large Penis
2.) The Brush-Off
3.) Desperate and Horny
4.) Listen Here Bitches
5.) Taken or Gay?
6.) Thick Rich Chocolate Stick
7.) I Want Some Dick Too
8.) Gigolo Hoe
9.) Naked and Hot!
10.) The Climax

Check out Celebrity Author TOI MOORE read excerpts from her EROTIC/COMEDY book NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH!


"Marque' you know people think this is all my hair. I don't want anyone to know the truth." Tammy says.

"Well, that's too damn bad bitch because I ain't closing the blinds. I might miss out on seeing a tight-ass honey walking by." They laugh as Marque' continues to cut the weave out of Tammy's hair.

"A new honey? Hell you've already slept with everyone around town who'll let you. So why are you still looking for new honeys? Besides, is getting a piece of ass all you ever think about?"

"Hell yeah! And that's all YOU should be thinking about, especially since you ain't had a dick in how long? Forever!" Tammy remains quiet and becomes embarrassed by his comment. "Hellooooo Miss high and mighty, I said, how long has it been since you've felt something hard, juicy, and wet in-between those long pretty brown legs of yours? Hellooo!" Marque' eyes Tammy with his hands on his hip waiting for an answer. "I don't hear anything? Hellooooo!"

"Don't talk so loud." Tammy says with embarrassment as she continues. "It's been awhile." She whispers.

Talking louder Marque' continues with the embarrassment, "What did you say? I didn't hear you." She speaks a little louder, "Marque', quit talking so loud. I said it's been awhile."

"That's what I thought you said. But we're gonna change that shit real soon, even if I have to give you one of my bitches."

"Oh hell no! I won't ever be THAT desperate. Hellllll noooo!"

They laugh as Marque' continues, "Honey, first of all, lets keep it real. I know you want a man who has a lot of money. But bitch no matter how much money you make, you're still from the ghetto, and you still need to get your ass laid every once in awhile. The joy stick don't have to only come from a rich man. You see, poor brothas can screw just like rich ones, but they screw better because while they're not working hard making money, they're working hard making love. So, they've had more experience. In fact, the poor brothas are probably the best because they ain't got nothin' to lose but a hard joy stick, and everything to gain by laying that pipe right. And with the frequency of their experience, I'm sure Viagra is something few of them depend on." They laugh as he continues. "Besides, havent you heard that it's a recession, so no damn body has a good job nowadays. Hell, if you got any kind of job youre doing good. So bitch quit being so damn choosy and stuck up, and get you some dick!"

Tammy responds, "That's one thing about you Marque', you always keep it real." "Hell yeah I keep it real! And don't your ass ever forget that shit. Bitch, if I tell you the moon is made of cheese you better bring your crackers." they laugh. "So tell me, did you ever find Mr. Right or did you only find Mr. Right Now?"

"Hell no, I didn't find either of them!" She grins.

"Girl, with what you want in a man you ain't never gonna find Mr. Right. You better quit living in a damn fairytale and get real by finding a man who truly loves you, instead of a man who you only love for his money. Money can't keep you warm at night, nor can it make your coochie wet."

"Marque' I know you keep it real, but damnnnnnnn!" They crack up with laughter. "You're making it really real. I believe I'll find me a man soon. I know he's out there somewhere. So trust me, I'll find him." "Yeah right. Tammy, not many brothas make the kind of money you want them to make. And finding a man who can give you that house with the so-called white picket fence around it, is some fairytale bullshit."

"Yeah I know it is, that's why I dip the white man's stick. I want that fairytale."

"But can that white man's dip stick, stick you like a brotha can?"

"Hell no! But don't worry, I'll always keep a brotha somewhere close by, even if I have to keep him hidden away in the closet," she confesses.

"Tammy if your ass did like I told you to do you'd have a cool brotha in your bedroom closet, to pull out for comfort anytime of the day or night you get horny. But you don't want to listen to me. I guess I don't know a damn thing, even though my bed is always HOT!" Marque' acts like he's blowing steam off his fingers and beams.

"What? And go out with your broke ass friend?"

"You got that right, because from what I hear brotha man got it like that!"

"Oh hell no! I don't have time to be taking care of no grown ass man! Hell, he better be trying to buy me a filet mignon and lobster dinner, and not waiting for me to buy him one. I'm not the kinda sista who eats hamburger anything! You hear what I'm saying? I've worked too damn hard to settle for all that low-life shit!"

"Girlfriend, you're the one missing out. Brotha man can handle his business."

Tammy looks at Marque' with a strange look, "And just how do YOU know? Did you screw him too? I told you I'm definitely not interested in any of your leftovers."

"Believe me girlfriend, he ain't one of my leftovers and believe me when I say that I tried. He wasn't going for that shit. But all the sistas who've had a piece of him said he's worth the dip."

"Well, if I get desperate I'll give him a call. And who are you talking about anyway?"

"Sweets." Marque' answers.

"Sweets, oh hell no! That gigolo hoe. Hell, as many women as he's had he probably invented his own venereal disease."

Marque' defends his statement by saying, "Like I said, just dip the damn chocolate stick when you need to, and then move on. Hell, your g-spot ain't that damn good where you can't dip the stick of a healthy sized brotha! Shit, if he'd have me I'd dip, lick, and whip his thick rich chocolate stick all night long! Then I'd get up and make his cute ass some pancakes for breakfast and lick off all the maple syrup I'd spill on his silky thick body, lick by juicy slow lick." They laugh as Marque' makes sexual gestures with his tongue by sticking it out and rolling it around in circles.

Tammy shakes her head while laughing and said, "Like I said, it isn't anything wrong with dipping a brothas stick. Except, he should be more than thick and pretty. His ass should at least be able to take me out to a nice restaurant and feed me on his dime instead of mine. Dammit, I'm more than worth a good meal!"

"Tammy, from what I hear about dipping Sweet's stick is once you dip it, you'll be ready to pay his rent, car payment, and feed him strawberries and whipped cream by hand, like all his other hoes! Just ask Mae May." They laugh as Marque' walks to the hair dryer, knocks on the lid, and has Mae May come over and join in on the conversation.

"Damn, you scared my ass. I was having a good dream." Mae May fusses as she looks up at Marque'. "What you want?"

"Shut up and come over here. Tammy needs to ask you a question."

Mae May walks to Tammy and sits in the chair next to her and Marque'. "Hey Tammy, What's up? What ya'll talking about that's so important that I had to get from under the dryer? My colors ain't locked in yet."

"Girl, forget about your hair. Tell Tammy about Sweets and his lovely dip stick. You know, the one you sampled and wanted to come back for more but he wouldn't let you." Marque' teases.

"Fuck you, you could have left off that last part of your smart-ass comment." They laugh as Mae May continues. "Anyway, girlllllllllll!! That man! Damn, that man!" Mae May is smiling and shaking her head in pleasure as she attempts to explain. "Girl, I dipped his thick, chocolate brown, juicy stick one night after a few of us went to a club. This is how it went....."


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