Unbreakable, is a true story about a loving couple's private and personal life. It's raw, sassy, and on the edge. Filled with the many Stages of their Life, Relationship Rules, Examples, Do's, Don'ts, and explains what the "Secret" to being married really is from both viewpoint's. A book for both men and women. There's something in there for anyone who has ever had a serious relationship, or for those seeking good information on how to make a relationship last. Unbreakable can help guide readers down the right road to love and how love is suppose to be. Don't be surprised if you find your own relationship in their words. Enjoyable, funny, and down to earth, a must read for couples who also want their relationship to be unbreakable!


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"Unbreakable is a happy, good thinking concept for people looking for answers to strengthen their relationship."

Omar Tyree, a New York Times Bestselling author, NAACP Image Award Winner, entrepreneur, songwriter, lecturer and poet

"Unbreakable is an amazing title for a book written to enlighten and inspire couples. Sharing with the reader real life personal Issues from Greg and Toi's own long time relationship. The Book is a must read for those looking for answers on how to stay married, and desire unbreakable relationships."

Philip and Krystal Bailey - Philip is the Co-Founder and lead vocalist of the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire. Krystal is a vocalist for Earth, Wind & Fire.

"Unbreakable will be instrumental in helping singles and couples of all walks of life. There is nothing like the testimonies of "true life encounters" to help people get thru trying times. Unbreakable will help define the "4 c's" which are necessary for a successful relationship.....communication, consideration, consistency and commitment."

Verdine and Mashelle "Shelly" Clark-White. Verdine is the Bassist and Co-Founder of the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire. Shelly is the president of Triple Fire Inc. and. Verdine is the Bassist and Co-Founder of the legendary group.

"We're living in a time when the divorce rate is at least 50%. It's nice to know that there are those who wish to offer advice on building and/or maintaining a healthy relationship. If by reading this book you gain one nugget of truth that helps you to further and enhance what you've already established, then it was worth it. Relationships are like snowflakes, they're all different."

Ralph and Susie Johnson - Ralph is the original drummer/vocalist of the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire. Suzie is a Quality Assurance Administrator, for Defense/Aerospace and - Ralph is the original drummer/vocalist of the legendary group.

"A very positive and empowering concept for a book. I think most people are clueless, with unusable and unreliable information about love and marriage."

Robert Lamm, founding member of the jazz-rock group Chicago.

"It's universal! Unbreakable reinforces the importance of not only romance, but honesty, patience, trust and a sense of humor."

Jimmy Pankow, founding member of the jazz-rock group Chicago.

"Getting married is easy...the work and the effort comes in "Staying married." We're living in a society where everyone is trying to achieve "Instant Gratification," people search for a "fast food" solution to everything. A good solid marriage only comes with time, hard work and the commitment to "stick with it." "Unbreakable" is a birdseye view into the struggles, triumphs and humorous moments throughout a 23 year journey of marriage. We're sure it will be the vehicle that will encourage couples through the challenges and into the loving comfort that marriage can offer."

Howard and Angela Hewett - Howard is a Grammy award winning vocalist, producer and songwriter. Angela is celebrity wedding planner for TLC's "For Better or For Worse." and - Howard is a Grammy award winning vocalist, producer and songwriter.

"Greg and Toi Moore are a great example of the elements of a marriage: Teamwork, love, understanding, love, hard work, love, willingness to learn, courage, love, patience, love, commitment, love, maturity, love , love and more love. Getting there is one thing, staying there is another! This is a book to be read and referenced for everyone who values long term relationships and the joyful experiences of a good marriage."

Patrice Rushen and Marc St. Louis. Patrice is a world renowned keyboardist, singer, composer, and music director. Marc, is a concert tour manager and live show production specialist.

Excerpt From Unbreakable:

How We Met - HER VIEW

I remember the first day I met Greg, it was Wednesday, September 11, 1982. He was playing with Patrice Rushen in my hometown of San Diego, California. My friend Theresa introduced us via telephone. I was the go between for our free concert tickets because I was her ride and her jealous ex-boyfriend watched her like a hawk. Her boyfriend always thought she was doing something she wasn't suppose to be doing so Greg had to call and give me all the information in order for us to get into the concert. During our many conversations he and I became friends. He described what he liked in a girl and I described what I liked in a guy. However, since both of us had previously experienced bad relationships neither of us wanted to get into another one.

One day while talking to Greg he asked me to describe myself. I started by saying how tall I was, my personality, and that I was light skinned. He immediately said, "I don't like light-skinned girls." I replied, "That's fine with me, because I'm not looking for anyone anyway." This clarification immediately stated our views about each other, knowing that this was definitely not going to be a relationship made in heaven.

At the concert, Theresa and I enjoyed ourselves. It was the first time I saw Patrice Rushen perform live and the first time I saw someone I kind of knew performing on stage. Usually, I would sneak backstage at concerts to get a picture of the artist so knowing someone and knowing that I could go back stage by invitation was great. After the concert was over, I was formally introduced to Greg. I immediately noticed a big smile on his face, especially when he looked at my butt. You see, God granted me with a well-proportioned sista' girl butt that caught his eye. Anyway, while talking, his conversation got pretty friendly. He and Theresa caught up on old times and I mostly listened, commenting every once in awhile while watching him check me out. As we enjoyed each other's conversation, Theresa's jealous ex-boyfriend showed up. He immediately confronted Greg about messing around with Theresa. Greg checked him by letting him know that he was not her boyfriend, but just a friend, and that his best friend, Kerry, was her old boyfriend. This caused her boyfriend to feel embarrassed and he left shortly thereafter or afterwards.

Greg then took Theresa and me to his hotel room and we all talked and he and I got to know each other better. As we talked, his conversation got friendlier. Then he told me that he liked what he saw. I immediately reminded him that he didn't like light skinned girls. He replied, "I changed my mind!" and continued smiling. After hearing those words, I began to change my mind about liking him. I thought, how could you not fall for his charm and sweet personality? Because he was all of that! He walked us to my car because he had to pack and get ready to go to their next stop in Phoenix. After reaching my car, we had our first kiss. During that kiss, it may sound corny, but I swear I saw fireworks! He told me he would call me once he got back to Los Angeles where he lived.

While driving home Theresa and I talked about his interest in me. Then I thought about what he told me and thought, "yeah right, you're gonna call me! I'm probably just your San Diego stop", since many musicians have reputations of having several one-night-stands or girls in each city they visit. However, after he arrived back home a few days later, he called and told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. I know you're thinking, 'this brotha's good, he's just feeding you everything you want to hear,' because that's exactly what I thought. I soon found out that that was not what he was all about. Whenever he was home he would call, sometimes two or three times a day, and the long distant phone bills added up for both of us. Cell phones with unlimited calling features didn't exist back then. I was very impressed with his persistence and thought, "This brotha's playing all the right cards, but is he for real?"

On September 17, 1982, when my father passed away I found my answer. I remember calling Greg and telling him about my loss. Later that night he called and told me he was coming to San Diego to be with me while I attended my father's funeral. I was totally impressed because my old boyfriend who lived in San Diego didn't even take the time to be by my side and Greg had only known me for six days. Greg didn't know what he was walking into. He could have been walking into one of my bad or jealous relationships that I hadn't told him about, but he had made up his mind to be with me and he was there every step of the way. Of course this gave him several brownie points in my book.

Going through the loss of my father with a man I hardly knew, I felt God put Greg in my life at that particular time for a reason and as time went on we grew closer. On the weekends when he didn't have to work he would drive down from Los Angeles to visit me. When he was working and couldn't come down he would send me cards saying how much he missed me. Yes ladies, he was working his magic.

After five months I was hooked. I transferred my bank and moved to Los Angeles to see what was in store for our future. However, before I moved he gave me this whole speech about us not being able to get married. He said that he couldn't get married because it would mess up his music career. He told me he had to stay single because he was going to get a record deal and being single would allow him to sell more records. Now tell me that line wasn't a piece of crap! I took the chance and moved anyway.

This would be the first time I lived with a man. I was very nervous as I took a big chance on happiness by relocating over two hundred miles away from home and away from everyone I knew. However, I was open to the new experience because it felt right. I thought, "If it doesn't work I'll just go back home and chalk it all up to experience." Later I would learn that my instincts were right.

While in Los Angeles I continued working for the bank and he continued working in music. One day, I was while at home alone when the phone rang. I respected Greg's privacy and didn't answer the phone, especially since I had just moved into his space. So I turned up the volume on the answering machine and listened. Now ladies, you know I had to make sure no other women were calling his house for a booty call and I know you feel me on this one. Anyway, the call was for him to audition for the legendary Marvin Gaye. I was so excited I didn't know what to do. When Greg came home I didn't want to tell him I listened to his message so I let him hear it on his own. When he heard the message he became excited and told me all about it. I pretended like it was the first time I heard the good news and together we were excited. He knew that a gig performing with such a legend could change his life and give him his due respect as a musician.

Since the audition was going to take place in a few days, he quickly went out and purchased Marvin's "Sexual Healing" album, (CD's weren't the "IN" thing at the time.) As the night grew later, I went to sleep as Greg practiced every song he was told to practice so he would be well prepared for the audition. This was the first time I would see him raw and in action, perfecting his craft to get what he wanted. After performing at the audition he came home with great news. He got the gig! We were both happy, however, we were also sad because the tour would take him away from me for four long months. Right then I knew, either I accept that he travels in order to work, or move back to San Diego and get a man who works a regular 9 to 5 job, but I stayed.

While Greg was on the road, I learned my way around Los Angeles, the Valley area, and gained two new friends, one was Lori and the other was the singer Anita Baker. Between work and my two new friends I was able to deal with Greg traveling, especially since he and I talked almost every night.

Memorial Day weekend was coming and Greg wanted me to come visit him. He had been on the road for a month and we were missing each other so I went with pleasure.

After arriving in sunny Sunshine, Florida, I was finally able to see my man. That night I experienced my first live Marvin Gaye performance. His showmanship was unbelievably great! He was everything and more I had heard about, and so was the crowd!

The ladies were screaming like I had never seen before and Marvin was loving every moment. When he sang his number one hit song, Sexual Healing, he came out wearing silk pajamas. The crowd literally went wild. He took off the pajama top and worked his crowd with his sexual moves. Everyone was loving them some Marvin Gaye that night. Some of the ladies even threw bras and panties on stage as he did his thing. I enjoyed the entire experience, especially seeing Greg on stage playing with such a legend. To say the least, I was proud that he was my man!

After the concert was over, Greg and I were on our way back to our hotel room and we saw Marvin in the elevator. I couldn't believe I was actually standing next to Marvin Gaye! After briefly meeting him we went to our room.

In the room, Greg turned on some soft music and lit three candles; one purple, one green and one yellow. These were also the colors we used in our wedding. He had a card that he had written in, got on his right knee, and began reading the beautiful words. I thought everything was really nice but I didn't quite know what to expect since he had given me a long speech about not getting married only one month prior.

As he read the card I listened with curiosity, knowing it wasn't what I hoped. You see, earlier in our relationship I took him to a jewelry store and tried on wedding rings just in case he changed his mind. He knew what I was up to but didn't confess until years later. Anyway, he read the card saying how much he missed and cared for me, and then he said, "Will you marry me?" Of course I thought he was joking and said, "Yeah right!" But he stayed on his knee and asked again, "Will you marry me?" Again, I said, "Yeah right! You told me you couldn't get married. You said it would mess up your career." He said, "Forget what I said, will you marry me?" After hearing it the third time, I knew he was serious so I responded, "Yes!" Then we kissed and I immediately ran to the telephone and called my mom to tell her the good news, and then we called his mother to tell her. After sharing our news, the rest of our night was totally in our hands and passionately wonderful!


It was in 1982 when I met Toi. I was on tour with Patrice Rushen. One of my best friends', Kerry, had been dating a young lady for years. Theresa had been telling me about her young cousin for a while. However, I wasn't interested in any young girls, so I passed on meeting her. Prior to meeting Toi I had been in a bad relationship and wasn't looking to get into any serious relationships. I was just into getting what I could with other girls and having fun. Besides, most of Theresa's friends were either ugly, fat or had kids. So, I really wasn't interested in meeting anyone she had in mind.

When I spoke to Toi on the phone I was pretty cocky, telling her that I wasn't interested in a relationship or concerned with hooking up with anyone. Although I was still interested in meeting her. So I asked her how she looked and she told me that she was light skinned. I told her I didn't like light skinned girls because my worse relationships were with light skinned girls. Everything she described about herself I said I wasn't interested, until I met her. Boy was she a knock out! She was fine! She was lighted skinned, but she failed to mention the body she had. From the day I met her she has been the best thing that has happened to me and I'm so glad I met her.

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